Put That in Writing, Levels I and II proved profoundly beneficial to me as a writing student. The first book taught me how to outline my ideas into concise and organized paragraphs, how to defend my thesis within a single paragraph, and how to employ various sentence structures (simple, compound, complex, etc.) and figurative language (hyperbole, alliteration, rhetorical question, etc.) to strengthen each paragraph. This “writing building block” prepared me well for the next level, the essay, where I learned to link my newly honed paragraphs together to form expository, narrative, argumentative, and other genres of essays. I also developed skills in research, citation, and literary analysis, all of which have been greatly beneficial to me as I pursue a college degree in Writing and Literature. My education through Put That in Writing aided me in testing out of basic college writing courses and gives me confidence each time I face a writing assignment in any college class. Most significantly, I utilize knowledge gleaned from Put That in Writing to tutor other students who are struggling with compositional work. Within these textbooks, each lesson is thorough, organized, and reader-friendly–a great gift to any writing student!

— Hannah, former student, now studying at George Fox University

Throughout my high school years, I studied Mrs. Barrett’s books. Because of the excellent instruction these books provided, I have had many opportunities to excel that I would not otherwise have had. Much of my success in website publishing, competitive debate, and business networking is due to the writing experience I gained through Mrs. Barrett’s classes. I highly recommend Mrs. Barrett’s writing books to anyone who wishes to achieve in life!

— Nate, Editor-In-Chief, http://www.PracticalManliness.com

For the last three years, the Academy for Character Education Charter School has used Put That in Writing – Levels 1 & 2 in our Logic and Rhetoric Level Language Arts Classes. We chose this program because we are a classical, college-preparatory school where the students are only on-site with our teaching staff one day each week and complete their assignments at home on the remaining four days of the school week. These writing courses are divided into daily lessons that are understandable to parents and yet are challenging enough to well prepare students for college level writing. The program has more than met our expectations.

— Ranell Curl, Director

Finally, along comes a manual on how to really tackle and write the five-paragraph essay! Building on this standard form, the Barrett’s Put That in Writing – Level 2 then provides important (and forgotten) information on the classical essay form and accompanying development strategies. Especially appreciated are the specific, step-by-step instructions and layout, building precept upon precept, and the clear organization of the material in a format that is easily understood. The reader is never left wondering what the author meant or how to complete the assignments. In short, this extremely well written book should be a part of every serious educator’s repertoire of teaching materials–especially when it comes to mastering the art of writing well.

–Becky Hostetter, Providence Academy Senior Thesis teacher