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Grade Level: 9th – 12th
Prerequisite: Grammar
Pages: 333
Binding: Spiral
Includes: Textbook with Answer Key

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Employing strong paragraph skills, Level Two students begin with basic essays and move progressively toward detailed research papers. Along the way, students practice classical techniques, creative introductions and conclusions, research and documentation methods. Additionally, Level Two teaches students to write response essays to test questions and prompts.

Put That in Writing – Level Two builds on concepts learned in Level One and focuses on mastery of essays. After a brief review of material from Level One, students begin writing standard 5-paragraph essays. Subsequent lessons introduce new essay components, which students incorporate into the standard form one at a time until they are producing full classical form essays. Along the way, students learn to employ various types of creative introductions and conclusions, and to add interesting figures of speech to their writing.

Each unit includes an easy to read lesson and ten exercises that walk the students through daily tasks. Finishing two assignments per day allows for completion of the course in twenty-four weeks. Each major essay assignment in this course progresses in a three-unit cycle:

Unit 1 – Student studies essay type and follows steps to construct a thesis and the body of the essay.
Unit 2 – Student studies introduction and conclusion types and follows steps for completing the essay.
Unit 3 – Student edits and improves the graded essay from Unit 2 and practices types of response writing.

Response writing practice during the third unit of each cycle serves to prepare students for answering essay test questions, handling SAT style prompts, and responding to articles or essays.

Put That in Writing – Level Two is a comprehensive essay curriculum. Students of this course acquire a complete repertoire of writing tools and strategies that will serve them well as they advance through high school, into college, and on to a profession.

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